MOT Denmark’s ambassador becomes MOT-coach


In November some of our new MOT Brand Ambassadors visited MOT schools all over Denmark. Kristin Stengaard who is an Ultra Tri Athlete talked about saying to herself that she is good enough and fulfilling her dream of completing a DECA which is 10 times “Iron Man”. During last Christmas Kristin swam 38 km, Biked 1800 km and ran 420 km – quite an impressive achievement by Kristin.

Moumen “Momo” Machlah also known as the “The Danish Spiderman” also attended his first talk as a MOT Brand Ambassador. Momo told the youth not to fear failure but to practice, and when you know you have practiced enough (around 1000 times without failing) you should find the courage to do it even though voices in your head might tell you that you’re about to fail. You can see more from Momo right her: MOMO!

On November 23rd to 25th MOT Denmark held our last MOT education. Around 40 new MOT-coaches were certified – among them also earlier mentioned MOT Brand Ambassador Kristin Steengard. So cool to have a MOT Brand Ambassador as a certified MOT-coach. We and Kristin are looking forward to even more visits to some of the Danish MOT schools.