The important impact of the MOT coaches in Norway

Vinnere Nasjonalt_Veggli

MOT coaches are great inspirators!

MOT coaches strengthen youths’ robustness and courage and motivate them to have the courage to live, care and say no.

Every day they meet students at school, they see their tears, happiness, joy, frustrations, worries, and thoughts. They are extraordinary people, and they play a big and important role in MOT’s vision of a warmer and safer world.

MOT Norway’s best MOT coaches

At our annual Enthusiast Gathering, we nominate the best MOT coaches from each of the seven regions of Norway to the highly respected award “MOT-coach of the year”. One of them is crowned as the big winner.

Criteria for being nominated are:

  • The MOT-survey: High score, and the youth give good comments about MOTs importance
  • At least 3 years of experience as a MOT-coach
  • MOT has to be well anchored with the school leadership and staff

It is a part of MOT’s culture to admire and root for others, and our best MOT coaches can teach us all something about how we can affect people’s lives in a positive way. We learn from the best!

This year we decided to make a twist and nominate MOT-coach teams from the best MOT schools around the country. All the nominated MOT-coach teams have gotten hundreds of comments about how they impact youths’ lives with their love, compassion, and sincerity.

To sum up how these extraordinary MOT-coaches impact youth, here are a few comments from the MOT survey from their schools:

  • MOT has made our classroom feel like a safe spot. We learn how to take care of each other and how to make good priorities for ourselves. Not everyone has to be best friends, but we are all responsible for making everyone feel welcomed.
  • I like that we can be active, share our thoughts, and take responsibility. They are good guidance, but they make us feel like we matter.
  • MOT makes our class culture be the best it can be. All feel included and we get to know each other in a new and positive way every time MOT comes to talk with us.
  • When we have discussions, everybody dares to share their opinion. We listen to and respect each other no matter what. This is proof of what MOT does to us: we have the courage to care.
  • MOT makes you think about things we normally wouldn’t. It makes room for our thoughts and makes us aware that we all can do positive things for ourselves and others.
  • MOT has made our class culture a good one. I am sure that no one in our class feels left out. The MOT sessions make us feel more confident and we are no longer afraid to stand out. It always feels safe to ask for help if we need it because we know that we care about each other.
  • MOT is serious but still fun! I am grateful for everything MOT has taught me and how safe MOT has made me feel. I am thankful for MOT.