Exciting things on the horizon for MOT Denmark


Here at the end of January we are looking towards a Covid-restriction free Denmark from February and onwards. This will definitely improve our chances of getting more youth with MOT in Denmark. We have held a couple of MOT-information gatherings at MOT schools and have 4 more at the end of March. The interest is big, but the energy to start up something new has not been present among our schools that have focused on tackling Covid.

We had to interrupt our second Young MOTivator education in November. It created a lot of joy among the students when we announced a “do-over” that will be held in the middle of February. We are looking forward to finishing what we started with 40 great young people!

We have finished our baseline survey with Oxford Research and have received 2780 replies from MOT students which is exceptionally many. Oxford is surprised over the commitment in a time when schools have had other things to take care of. But after some quality interviews with some of our schools they understand:

  • The schools feel that it is a cooperation between MOT and the school, so it is natural for them to participate as it feels like a joint task.
  • The schools express how the relational tie that exists between MOT and the school is valuable and different from what they are used to.

We are very proud of this as this has been the strategy in MOT Denmark since the very beginning: to build bridges among people by understanding the importance of working progressively with courage as a focal point.