Amazing energy in MOT Latvia’s classrooms


January for MOT Latvia passed very tensely. Schools are officially open with mandatory regular testing of all students on covid-19. Unfortunately, new cases of illness are very common as a result of testing, and many students and teachers are both ill or quarantined.

There is a need to constantly adapt and come up with a very changing situation and constraints. Our MOT coaches do what they can, trying to lead MOT sessions in a variety of ways – face-to-face with a small group of the class, part-to-face (part of the class from home, online), and completely remote.

Anyway, every MOT session we do is like a big festival and a huge charge of energy. I certify this as MOT coach myself who led 4 MOT sessions in total this month. Young people are thirsty for talks, tasks, activities, and shared moments of joy. They’re not doing well at this time of covid, so MOT is a special source of joy, positive feelings, and finding the meaning of life. MOT encourages youth to take life into their own hands and build it at their own discretion, in spite of the surrounding situation.

Our duty as MOT coaches is more than ever to be side by side with young people.

To strengthen good relationships with our business partners, we found a great way to thank them for their support and delight. We ordered very delicious homemade honey cakes labeled THANK YOU from MOT and personally led to our biggest supporters – Narvesen and Swedbank. We enjoyed those special meetings, full of surprise!

Summarizing up – we still hold the flashlight on positive and plan our activities in spite of external circumstances.

All the best,