Great things ahead for MOT SA

Ency Litsoane - MOT Brand Ambassador and Board Member

We are proud and honoured to have been invited and an official charity partner for the Africa Care Tennis hosted a Power Breakfast event. It was attended by leaders, policymakers and decision-makers around the country to join in the discussion on “How Society can actively fight Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and Femicide’. We as MOT South Africa have given our commitment to do our part in putting an end to Gender-Based Violence.

The conversations shared at the event were inspiring and uplifting and we look forward to the positive change it will bring in our communities.

The connections made at this event will have a great impact and we have great things in the works ahead!

“We need to start addressing the issues in our society that affect our children and our youth which are drug and alcohol abuse, GBV & suicide” – Viola Manuel, Country Director

“We cannot choose how long we live, but we can choose how well we live” – Ency Litsoane, MOT Brand Ambassador and Businesswoman

MOT Introductions to new youth learners

We are happy to have introduced the MOT Programmes to the new students during their orientation week. The youth are very thrilled to be pumped up with more courage for their MOT Sessions.

2021 Magical MOT Moments  – Highlights

As we continue to navigate the “new normal,” what gives us the confidence to continue into the year ahead are continuing to make a difference in the lives of our youth and all of the unwavering support of our MOT Enthusiasts for the future of our youth and making it a warmer and safer society for all. Therefore we would like to share our magical highlights from 2021!

  • Executing our 1st MOT Coaches’ Basic Education in March in partnership with Rotary International and Wynberg Rotary for our Courage to Care Global Project, training 27 MOT Coaches.
  • In April, we collaborated with the JP 21 Foundation for their holiday programme and facilitated MOT programmes to over 50 learners to the MOT Programmes.

  • In May, we welcomed four of our MOT Coaches back from our partnering college, dNorthlink TVET College and hosted a MOT Coaches’ Refresher Workshop.

  • In June, we hosted 65 local and international participants at our second virtual AGM and crowned the following winners:

– False Bay TVET College’s Darren Maybe received the Are Hovstad Award

– JP Duminy, MOT Brand Ambassador of the Year

– Sakhisizwe Youth Development Programme received MOT Courage Award

  • We bid farewell to Julia Duminy-Benjamin, MOT SA Country Director, who joined MOT SA in 2016 and have a big heart for youth. And in her place, and welcomed Viola Manuel, armed with great ideas and eager to join the MOT family!
  • In July we hosted our first virtual MOT Coaches’ Refresher Workshop to 22 MOT Coaches.
  • We began a 6-week radio interview series with Radio Cape Pulpit with our Young MOTivators and MOT Coaches.

  • Started our MOT sessions in another province to 23 young adults to be resilient and have courage within their communities.

  • We ended off the year by executing our last MOT Coaches’ Basic Education by welcoming 18 MOT Coaches to the MOT Family!

Despite the challenges, MOT SA demonstrated Courage to Care once again!

Without all of the input and support of our MOT Enthusiasts, we wouldn’t have made it through the year and we look forward to even more Magical MOT Moments!