MOT Foundation’s exciting deal and manuscript updates


Yesterday morning I was getting ready for an important business meeting – in person, finally!

Suddenly the lights turned off, and I could see from the message on my phone that there is some disaster in the whole region.

What should I do? I was thinking and reacting fast, getting my phone’s flashlight on. I could do my morning routine in a very limited and focused way – it was possible.

It reminded me about these past few years with Covid – the feeling that we are living with the “lights off”, learning to adapt to the “new normal” and the only way to keep balance and positive focus is to use flashlight the way we do in MOT😊

It seems that “electricity is back” in many places in the world. Covid restrictions are getting looser and there is much bigger hope to get back into an active life.

But there is still lots of uncertainty. We must be patient in all we do, be ready for unexpected situations, be flexible, be focused on solutions.

MOT Foundation started the year in a light mood – signing the agreement with 180 Degree Consulting (, the Milano project team will start working in February. We are looking forward to learning much more about the “world of youth” organizations, global network and communication possibilities, fundraising options globally and for MOT Countries.

In addition, the manuscript updates for Robust Youth 12-16 and Robust Youth 16-25 were published in January. There have been no drastic changes to the manuscript, only some new examples, updated phrasing, and new photos and PowerPoint presentations added. We are excited to have shared these updates with you, and cannot wait to hear stories from the classroom as the schools are opening up and MOT sessions can run as per usual!

Have a bright start to the year,

And keep on doing the good work with youth!