MOT Norway and elite football clubs work together against racism


MOT Norway has worked closely with Norwegian elite football clubs for many years, where the focus has been on making the players aware of their position as role models for youth.

This cooperation is now elevated to a new level. MOT Norway and Norsk Toppfotball (Norwegian top football) will through the project “Det krever MOT å si #STOPP” (translated: “it takes courage to say #STOP”) raise awareness amongst youth to use their voice if they experience or observe hateful actions or remarks.

– Football has always claimed to be the most inclusive arena in the world. But along with the rest of society, we still have a job to do, says Freddy dos Santos in Norsk Toppfotball.

– The sport has incredible influence and a great responsibility in creating good attitudes and make a difference in the rest of the community. Racism is an issue in society, but we have a unique possibility to create changes in attitudes. Together with MOT Norway, we want to make a difference.

In February 2022 has MOT Norway’s project leader Daniel Getaneh Hatland had talks for 20 elite football clubs in Norway.

– All the clubs that have welcomed us are passionate about making a difference and creating cultures where everybody is included. It is incredibly inspiring.