MOT SA’s parent meetings and an impactful story from a MOT coach

Parent's evening

This month we’ve hosted two MOT Introductions to Parents/Guardians to inform them about MOT and also to inspire them about the MOT Sessions that will be conducted with their kids at our partnering schools.

We had over 100 parents attending both evenings and we are extremely happy about the great turnout!

We have received really great feedback from the parents. Read them below:

‘It is very important for parents to be a part of their children, especially due to issues our kids go through and the pressures of family life. It is important for them to have a structure and foundation they can look back to, such as the MOT Programmes.’

Parent from Fairmount Secondary School

‘According to what was mentioned this evening, I feel that the MOT Programme will have a great impact on my child. It will give her the strength and tools she would need to conquer many of the social issues that our youth today face such as peer pressure, bullying, academic pressure, self-esteem issues and more. I look forward to the positive change it will bring her.’

Parent from Fairmount Secondary School

I like that the MOT Programmes include social dialogue. Children want to belong. Programme is very encouraging and gives hope.

– Parent from Fairmount Secondary School

We are extremely ecstatic about the journey with MOT and our youth ahead. I believe they will really benefit from the MOT Programmes as it gives us a sense of hope and courage

– Principal of Lotus Secondary School

I am very excited about the MOT Programme, especially knowing what it is like growing up with similar challenges such as: growing up in a township, facing gansterism in our communities, having to make difficult choices at a young age.

And now being in a position where I can give care and seeing those gaps that I’ve missed out in my younger years, even I can benefit from this programme just by participating and being a MOT Coach.

– Teacher at Lotus Secondary School

We had our Young MOTivator and now MOT Coach, Cheslyn Rippenaar who shared his magical MOT moments and how it helped him have background understanding when dealing with youth and the classroom as a whole. Read more about his experience below:

As a Young MOTivator and MOT Coach, I have volunteered to assist as a MOT Coach, leading MOT sessions and participating in events, including the MOT Coaches’ Basic Education and Young MOTivator Education for TVET Colleges and Schools. The passion I’ve got for MOT is great.

I am a product of the MOT programmes.

An experience I would like to share is one that brings me pure joy! One where you can see the results.

MOT focuses on strengthening youth’s awareness and courage, as well as developing robust youth and, when you see the change your heart just melts.

I clearly remember a MOT session I facilitated at one of the TVET Colleges where we participated in thought-provoking discussions such as social ills. (The session that was held was CLASS CULTURE in the MOT Manual).

We explored the background of these students; where they come from, why they are the way they are, and this is where a young lady broke down and cried during the session.

In a situation like this, as a trained MOT Coach you need to remove the person from the classroom or venue and talk to him or about what has happened. The environment MOT creates is one of a warm and safe space, where youth can freely share.

I then asked her to share her experience. She mentioned that the reason she broke down in tears is because she has a single mother who, is currently in an abusive environment and the session related to her so well that she could not withhold her emotions.

After she shared her story, I saw a rapid change within the classroom environment and we all felt, a welcoming spirit and a real sense of understanding one another and their backgrounds.

In another situation at my current job, I had a learner that always disrupts the class and acts out. I addressed this with another colleague who stays on the same property as the learner who mentioned that the learners’ father is a heroin addict and that the previous week, his father mentioned not to call him dad, but uncle.

This helped me to clearly understand the reason for the learner disrupting the class and helps me understand how best to work with the student. This is also forms part of the MOT Manual.

MOT allows you to see the whole person and not to judge others.

So, what we lack in understanding, we gain in knowledge.

During the MOT session on communication, these youth learned how to communicate with one another, the results thereof were spectacular, and their energy was so positive throughout the year.

In conclusion, the saying says that “Rome was not built in a day”, so we cannot expect the change to happen immediately.

MOT takes place everywhere, not only in a classroom. MOT is a lifestyle.

Thank you.

Cheslyn Rippenaar

We look forward to working together with parents and educators in building our society one at a time!