Exciting times for the MOT Global cooperation


Looking outside the window here in Europe, snow is melting, and plants are sprouting. Every year, spring feels like a fresh start – new life and new opportunities. Being in the season of new beginnings, we see many similarities between this time of the year and the MOT global cooperation. The ice is melting, and it is time to embrace both similarities and diversity in the MOT family.

This past month has also been valuable in terms of taking global cooperation to the next level. Valuable meetings with MOT Norway and MOT Danmark, and last week’s MOT Global meeting has laid the foundation for the global MOT Team as an entity ready to share, care and learn from each other in order to create the best possible local and global impact.

MOT Foundation also attended MOT Denmark’s Enthusiast Gathering in Odense and got to experience the true MOT atmosphere that is created when MOTy people are brought together. The event was extra special as it was one of the first times we could see that many people together physically after the pandemic. The day was filled with incredible youth, laughter, workshops, enthusiasm, and reflections. It was definitely a day that filled the jet fuel tank.

All in all, April has been an eventful and inspiring month for us. We cannot wait for the exciting times ahead.