MOT Latvia’s inspires youth to say Hi


April was the month of the Hei campaign in MOT Latvia and we have managed to cover so many important messages during this time. We kicked off the campaign by introducing the Courage to Greet and talking about how the first Hei or “čau” in Latvian is the first step of inclusion. I’m raising my eyes towards you and by giving you just a glimpse of my time and attention I bring you a lot bigger message. A message that I see you, that I’m ready to learn about you, to see you as a whole human being. And I’m ready to accept and include you. And with our partner organization Resource Center for Adolescents which unites the best mental health specialists in Latvia, we created a deeper meaning for greeting and including each other.

Our main driving forces behind the campaign – Rita and coach Linda had done a tremendous job making sure the campaign runs smoothly and is delivered to everyone. MOT’s “čau” was on the streets, on the radio, and all over social media. As expected the grande happening of the campaign month was the discussion with the participation of our ambassadors, clinical psychologist, and our special guests – two young girls, who were the voice of the youth. It is my duty and willingness to give out special thanks to Rita, who was ready to go the extra-extra mile by including youth in such a demanding and challenging form of participation – a live-streamed discussion with almost no scenario.

We nailed it and we’re proud of it! The combination of great participants made the discussion a great pleasure for all of us, as you can clearly see from the pictures. It was not only nice and fun but also a great conversation that covered so many aspects of youth inclusion. Kudos to Rita, Linda, and Ilze for doing such a great job often going way beyond the borders of their capacity.

The last event of the campaign, happening while you’re reading this, is a little contest for our MOT schools, where we have asked the youth to bring “čau” into their schools. We’ll see how wildly their imagination runs and hope to share some great results in the May newsletter