Courage to care in MOT SA


This month MOT South Africa held its Courage to Care Day.

The day was truly a successful campaign! We are extremely proud of all participating parties and the community for their support and for showing the Courage to Care throughout the day!

As the head office, we’ve identified and collaborated with 3 different organizations in which our partnering high schools, TVET colleges, Community Organisations and corporate partners could join in:

  1. Bone marrow donor registry in which participants could register on the DKMS database as potential blood donors.
  2. School clothing for rural schools. A total of 2 bags of school shoes and 5 bags of school uniforms have been collected!
  3. Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Shelter support in which over 10 bags of Adults’ and children’s clothing, including toys.

A total of 13 sites participated and were drop-off sites.

Many of our partners were all excited about the campaign and instead of running the campaign for one day, they ran it for an entire week: 3 – 10 June.

We cannot wait to share the items received with the beneficiaries and use the feedback we’ve received to improve and receive an even greater success next year!