Update on MOT Foundation’s cooperation with 180DC


MOT Foundation has completed the first phase of our cooperation with 180 Degrees Consultancy. The first part of the project has focused on both Fundraising and Internationalisation of MOT. We truly appreciate the work that has been done. It has broadened our understanding of the world of youth organisations and the potential for NGO work with a variety of both Public and Private funds.

There are many good suggestions received and now it’s time to focus.

We are happy that one of 180 DC Milano team members showed interest to become an Intern at MOT Foundation and help us to proceed. The goal is to raise the funds for MOT Foundation and specific MOT Countries. This will be the reality check of how ready we are to become a world player and proof the quality of the MOT concept.

Exciting times to come for sure!

Wishing our friends in the northern hemisphere a very nice summer!