Global cooperation for MOT’s sustainability


What does it take for MOT to be able to run as a successful social brand in the future? In times of big changes and uncertainty, more than ever before we have to be flexible, open-minded, and find the best collaboration ways together.

MOT Foundation is in the works together with MOT Countries of establishing MOT global exchange groups for discussions about sustainability in terms of funding, digital tools, branding, communication, and core activity development. This global cooperation acts to identify challenges, exchange practices, and find the best solutions together.

This past week, all MOT countries got together to discuss IT and digital development for the future. We are left with an increased understanding of which digital tools are available for MOT daily operations, as well as pointing to the main advantages of using this platform. The meeting will be continued with an open discussion about data use and digital solutions moving forwards.

It is exciting to see the eagerness of the MOT countries and the exchange of experiences and knowledge. We are inspired by the ongoing global cooperation, and cannot wait to discuss and develop an array of different topics together in the time to come.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!