Important feedback from a MOT coach in MOT Latvia

Latvia Mmain

June has been a month of reaping the emotional harvest. We’ve shared pictures and stories of MOT graduates around Latvia and taken this as a time to reflect upon the MOT road. We’ve had MOT coaches share their inspirational stories on what it means for them to be part of MOT and I’d like to share a little story from our coach Kristine:

“There was a girl in my class, who used to sit there absolutely uninterested and clearly showing that through every inch of her body and attitude. It was the time when I thought: “Well, I guess, MOT can’t inspire everyone and that’s probably fine.” So you can imagine my surprise when this girl couldn’t attend her classes MOT session and had begged her mother to let her attend a session in the class next to her. It was the moment where I dropped my intentions to detect and “measure” every kid’s interest and willingness to participate, where I dropped the idea of evaluating how much each student needs MOT. Because that cannot be seen looking from the outside. And I guess, it shouldn’t. Because every student will take from MOT just as much as it is necessary in the moment and just the right things. Sometimes it can be a single phrase or a sentence that works for them. And it’s still worth it.”

We’ve also ended the school year with a wonderful trip for the winners of our Hei campaign contest. They were 7th graders, who had just finished their first year of MOT, but thanks to their great coach Liene had already learned the true MOT spirit and showed it greatly in their application for the campaign. The class had a full wonderful day visiting our partners in Latvia – they had a fun couple of hours at the biggest youth-centered radio station in Latvia(see here:, an educational tour in Swedbank, a meal at Narvesen, and a box full of farewell gifts for each of the students.

We call it a wrap and are beyond thankful for being able to be part of inspiring and pushing the youth forward!