MOT Norway’s exciting spring


MOT Norway has had an incredibly exciting spring. 15 new schools have signed partnership agreements and will start up after New Year, and we are still eagerly awaiting the signing of another two schools before the summer holidays. In total we have 17 new schools, most of them ready to start MOT after the break.

With growth this strong, we have had a great focus on conducting education and introduction meetings, to ensure that the schools will be as prepared as possible and have what they need to successfully start-up. 106 MOT coaches have participated in MOT’s basic education and 42 principles have been through Value-based leadership training.

MOT Norway has also finally started working with many of ambassador teams after the pandemic again, and approx. 1200 youth have been visited by players from our ambassador teams in the top football league.

We have also had a cooperation with Norsk Toppfotball (the Norwegian professional football league) through the project “It required MOT (courage) to say STOP”. This is an attitude campaign aspiring to stop racism and hate speech on the turf. 345 football players in Norway have participated in talks, and this autumn several of them will be ambassadors for the campaign.