New MOT coaches ready to create robust youth in MOT South Africa

Group picture-Fun

This month, we hosted our second MOT Coaches’ Basic Education for the year, which was a huge success!

A total of 27 MOT Coaches who are educators, community workers and volunteers were trained, representing 4 different schools and community organizations.

Our new MOT coaches are eager to show the youth what it means to live with courage and realize they have the right to dream and the power to make those dreams come true. Using the MOT philosophy and core values, our MOT Coaches are equipped with the tools to develop and strengthen the next generation to be self-aware, active citizens and leaders.

Before the MOT Coaches Basic Education took place, we had a MOT Introduction to Parents of the 4 new schools we partnered with and the parents all shared their support of the MOT Programmes.

One of the parents shared the challenges that the community face and how important it is to have a Programme like MOT to help guide and strengthen the youth.

Another parent highlighted the importance of having a MOT session with parents in the youth and how important it is to have parents involved in their kids’ lives.

We are super excited about the positive change we will be bringing while creating a warmer and safer place for all!