Top athletes at MOT Camp


During this past month, many great athletes have visited MOT-camp.

Rosenborg football club brought the entire team and supporting staff, and got to try six different group activities at Camp MOT. This resulted in laughter, high competitiveness and an enthusiastic bunch who got their heart rate up.

The football club has played with the MOT logo on their uniform and has been one of MOT’s ambassador teams since the organization was founded back in 1997. The captain was not in doubt that it is important for the club to spend half a day at MOT Camp.

– I think it is important for the cooperation in the club that we do other activities together. We get to know each other in a completely new way and get to practice good communication, says Captain Markus Henriksen.

The players and support team first got an introduction to MOT before they got to test the MOT Camp activities, which aim to promote team spirit and challenge the individual.

 Photo: @langrennslandslaget 

The female cross-country skiing team arrived MOT Camp shortly after the football club and stayed for a week. In addition to two training sessions a day, meals, and rest, the national team used the opportunity to promote team spirit.

– Us coaches try to be positive, talk to everybody and be inclusive. Communication and inclusion are important for us, says coach Kveen.

One of the athletes, Anna Svendsen, is a MOT ambassador, and she believes the girls root for each other despite being competitors in the skiing track.

– We are a good team that knows each other well. Everybody supports each other and we have an environment where it is safe to speak up. We use much of the same philosophy as MOT. It is important for us to see each other and have the courage to say our opinions, she says.

We are incredibly proud of the ownership these top athletes have of MOT.