Rugby player inspires South African MOT youth

Dan Carter with MOT Youth

1. Press Conference with Dan Carter brings in Brand Exposure for MOT South Africa

Shortly after landing in South Africa, MOT SA had the honour to welcome Dan Carter who provided inspiration and words of wisdom to about 30 MOT Youth from our partnering schools, as well as our MOT Coaches.

He shared his sad, yet courageous story about his injury during the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, where his dream of captaining his country for the first time was dashed when he got hurt in the captain’s run practice the day before a game.

In terms of resilience, you will have setbacks and disappointments, and you need to grieve and express yourself – that’s actually normal. But then after 24 hours, you need to flick the switch. I reset and set new goals and need to change to a positive mindset.

Fast-forward four years, and I am 33 years old and had one of the best World Cups of my career. That shows you the power of dealing with setbacks and showing resilience. It’s part of life – life is not supposed to be perfect.

You are going to have good and bad days, but when things are tough, just deal with it, and it will make you stronger.”

His story of resilience and courage inspired our youth to be robust despite any challenges or obstacles that may come their way, and to continue going for their dreams and goals.

We are honored to have had Dan Carter join us for a press conference and inspire our MOT Youth and Coaches to always have courage despite fear or challenges.

2. MOT Life skills and Leadership Programme with Meridian Pinehurst

In September, we’ve completed our MOT Life Skills and Leadership Programme for 15 staff members as Corporate Training to uplift and empower the staff with skills and tools to help them create and strengthen a better workplace environment and culture for themselves and their colleagues.

We have only received positive feedback from those involved as well as an opportunity for our MOT Programmes to roll out in the school with whom we provided the training to, which is super!

With a great big heart, I would like to thank Andiswa as well as every who was involved with the arrangement and the training that we received. We all enjoyed every moment and have learned so much. I strongly believe that we can take the information that we learned and create a better environment for our youth and even our colleagues. This allowed for a positive change in our department’s behaviour towards each other, as well as learning so much from each other“, said Aftercare Supervisor, Marisca Olivier.

We are happy that the sessions were enjoyable and that the participants can use the MOT skills and tools learned in their daily lives and at work, such as setting healthy boundaries and communicating clearly, to name a few!

We have our upcoming Young MOTivators’ Education, please do check out our social media as we will be updating throughout the weekend!