MOT Denmark welcomes new team members


We have employed two Sofies in MOT Denmark. Sofie Kruuse is responsible for our Business partnerships. Sofie was on the first Danish MOT Basic Education in 2015 and has followed MOT ever since. She has an educational background in media and communications but has worked with youth for many years both through her dancing career and working at a Danish sports High School. We are so happy to have Sofie onboard to strengthen our relations with our business partners and create new ones.

Sofie Kromann is a psychologist who wrote her bachelor’s and master’s thesis about MOT. Sofie is helping us to validate our work from an analytical and academic point of view through articles and working closely together with Oxford Research in our efficiency measurement process. Sofie works as a psychologist and therefore helps MOT when she has the time, but she experiences on a daily basis, the need for a program like MOT.

We just ended another huge Basic Education with 66 participants. We are so proud to send these fantastic, enthusiastic, and school related MOT-coaches out into the lives of youth!

Our trip to Trondheim was like coming home. Like seeing family members you haven’t seen for years. The same anticipation, longing, and also excitement about where are we now and where are we going was present on the first day. But after coming together on new and forward-looking common ground and goals it was like: this is what it is all about! Sharing best practices and experiences but also challenges and frustrations felt natural and needed. Momentum for new times was created and a global future for MOT looks positive. The time is right for positive changes.