MOT Norway with new Young MOTivators


In October, we started our Young MOTivator educations for secondary school! This autumn we are meeting in total 1000 9th graders from schools across the country, chosen because they are role models in their class.

During a two-day Young MOTivator education, they get to know youth from other schools, get a strengthened awareness of their role as society builders, and prepare to make the transition to secondary school safer for the 7th graders.

Magnus Mjømen in MOT Norway has led several Young MOTivator educations, and says that he is always excited to meet the youth.

– One of my favourite things about being at a Young MOTivator education is that the magical atmosphere is created so quickly. Everybody make an effort to get to know each other, and after only a short while, you can’t tell who is from which school. They just make up one big group, Magnus says.

Magnus also points out that he loves hearing what the youth will remember from the gathering.

Because of that, we would like to share some of the feedback we have gotten from the youth after the Young MOTivator education. When asked “what are the most important things you have learned during your Young MOTivator education”, this is what they said:

“Include everybody. Don’t judge anyone. Be brave, and dare to stand apart from the group”

“To have courage to get to know new people, and how to present MOT to the 7th graders”

“Small actions can have big impacts. For example just saying hello”

“Include everyone and make sure no one is left out”.

“Your body language is a part of a presentation”

We are proud to have these fantastic youth on the team, and we do not doubt that they will make an important impact at their schools.

We are also very much looking forward to the Young MOTivator educations yet to come!