Katrine Judovica is the new chairperson of MOT Foundation


There are times of change in MOT Foundation.

Morten Laache is handing over the position as chairperson for the MOT Foundation board to Katrine Judovica.

Morten became the Chair of newly established MOT Foundation more than two years ago. He wishes to share his final regards with the MOT associates:

Time to say goodbye ❤

Now, I am looking forward to experiencing new adventures and write new chapters in my life. At the same time, I am so grateful to has been a part of MOT for nearly 23 years. A wonderful and exciting journey. From being close to the core activities with the moment of truth in the classroom, development, training and new MOT-countries, to being a part of the Board in MOT Foundation.

It is not easy to say goodbye. I will miss our mission, the way we now are working to the best version of MOT in to the future, and of course all of YOU. Thanks all for your passion for MOT and your dedication to bring MOT in to the future. You all will always have a place in my heart❤

And, never forget to have faith in the Youth! It’s not realistic to expect that a youth will have the same view of life that you have gained through several years. Give them small pieces of your life skills and wait patiently until the seed of wisdom grows and bear fruit.

Katrine states that she cannot imagine a better Chair than Morten to have led the MOT Foundation through the past few years.

– We are very grateful to Morten for his wisdom, big heart and never-ending passion for youth!

Ahead of us are times of transformation, and Katrine says she is more than ready for it.

– I am very honoured to continue the work that has been started and bring MOT to new global heights. I am ready to accept the trust given and be the Acting Chair for MOT Foundation.

This is a new chapter for MOT and we are very excited to write it together with all MOT Family.