MOT Latvia’s goals for 2023

oficialais foto MOT (002)

In mid-January new CEO of MOT Latvia – Ruta Masalska stepped in and on the managerial level replaced the co-funder of MOT Latvia Ilze Paidere – Stake. With all the changes in the structure, January for MOT Latvia has been a month of reflection, gratitude and also dreaming.

January was the time to look back at all the good things that youth, trainers and society have experienced throughout the past 6 years and set the goals for the upcoming year! We are grateful that from a bunch of enthusiastic people in 2016 it has grown to a stable community of 300 trainers, 70+ schools and more then 15000 youth involved.

And for year 2023 MOT Latvia plans not only to increase these numbers but also focus on the needs of trainers by organizing 6 inspirational workshops, creating several short movies to promote MOT and to be present and visible at the national level!

MOT Latvia is not afraid to dream big, all we need is the courage button 😊