Thank you, MOT Thailand

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«goodbyes are not forever, goodbyes are not the end. The simply mean we’ll miss you, until we meet again”. – Unknown

In January, MOT Global said goodbye to MOT Thailand. Eight years after MOT was first established as an organisation in Thailand, the time has come for us to let go.

We are incredibly grateful for Pikky, Sutisa and the rest of the Thai team that has made an important difference in youth’s lives these past years. The playful joy, enthusiasm and kindness that characterises MOT Thailand can be found nowhere else.

During our final global meeting with Pikky and Sutisa, we spent the time reminiscing about old memories from the trips and experiences that has been had with MOT Thailand. There is no doubt that they have impacted many lives of MOT people from all over the world.

While it is time right to legally close down the organisation in MOT Thailand, they will always have an important place in the MOT history. It is also no doubt that the heart connection formed between people from different continents also will remain.

Pikky has been MOT Thailand’s CEO for the past few years, and she took MOT into her heart from the very first time she met MOT. She radiates positivity and joy wherever she goes, and her optimism and smile are so contagious. Her efforts to keep the organisation going without funding or support has been incredible.

Sutisa has been with MOT Thailand from the start, and has been a pillar in the organisation since then. Clever, kind and always with a twinkle in her eye, she has the ability to make anybody smile and feel safe. We know that she will go on to do incredible things, and she remains a role model to many in the MOT global family.

Sutisa embraced the legal closing of the organisation, and described it as similar to giving something new the space to grow.

MOT Thailand is closed, but our hearts will always be open. We must let a grain of wheat fall down and die, only for it to give the opportunity for new things to grow”.

For MOT Global, it has been difficult to say goodbye. Still, we feel like we have gathered a lot of valuable experiences from this and learned important lessons that we will bring with us into the future MOT work.

Thank you, MOT Thailand for incredible memories, for opening your hearts and culture to us and for providing life-changing moments.