Amazing weeks 10, 11 and 12 2018


It was really great to participate at The MOT Basic Education and Value based leadership development at MOT Camp this week. 43 new MOT associates with lot of passion inspired Sigrun and me a lot when we did “our day” (MOTs Identity, Values and Principles, Mission and Value based leadership). Congratulations MOT Norway! Great MOT Coaches and school and community leaders.

Week 10 and 11 became an unforgettable experience in South Africa. Reflection days with both the board and management from MOT South Africa and MOT Thailand, MOT SA’s Enthusiast Gathering, the MOT World Summit, celebrating MOT SA’s 10 years anniversary and a week with the MOT managements from five countries participating when we did 23 MOT sessions (each session between 90 to150 minutes). AMAZING!!!

MOT SA’s Enthusiast Gathering was very inspiring. Some of the youth on the stage took our breath away:

– “MOT is the way of life.”

– “Feeling of doing a change in other youths’ life gives me more courage, safety and confidence.”

– “I’m finished with the MOT Programme in school. MOT was a space where people were sincere, sincere to ourselves, sincere to others and we showed our vulnerable side.”

Inspiring also to listen to the managements at some of the colleges:

– “Our youth is growing and they develop because of the MOT Programme.”

– “We have taken MOT out of the box and we use it in our daily life.”

Here is a taste of the 23 MOT sessions: