The first 450 Latvian youth completing MOT’s programme


September in MOT Latvia has started at very high speed. Starting from the 1st school day on 3rd of September the WhatsApp group of Latvian MOT coaches (totally 86) is receiving a lot of  wonderful reports and pictures from all over the 29 MOT schools sharing their first impressions from meetings with the youth. Special moments and emotions are coming from 26 new MOT coaches who are excited to start their new journeys in the MOT world.

As MOT Latvia’s Country Manager I am also very excited about the possibility to try out as a MOT coach for the MOT programme Robust Youth 16-25 in one of the MOT schools. This is new in our country and in case of success it will be implemented in the nearest future.

This year is going to be very special for MOT Latvia also because for the first time 450 youth will have completed the entire MOT programme over 3 years in April/May.


Ilze Paidere-Staķe

Country Manager, MOT Latvia