First steps of MOT in Russia


For the first time in MOT’s history we are making offensive and strategic efforts to grow globally. Magne Vårvik who has a large international network will contribute to MOT’s global growth for ten months. He will be working on putting down roots for MOT in the USA, Russia and China.

This week I received several reports from Regine O. Hatten (manager for MOT’s national implementation) and Magne who spent five days in St. Petersburg and Moscow. They attended conferences and met with schools, businesses and the Norwegian Embassy, to mention some. Magne speaks fluent Russian and together with Regine’s MOT competence the trip became a great success.

Here is an extract from some of the reports Sigrun and I received this week:

Today we had a meeting with a principal and it’s really exciting to get an insight into the Russian school system. This helps us with future sales meetings. After the presentation the principal asked if MOT is a humanitarian franchise. He wanted his school to be a pilot school in Russia.

We also had another positive meeting with a school today and we also met with a woman who is working with developing business leaders. There’s no doubt that the schools are interested and want the concept. All we need to do is getting the right people and financial support.