MOT Latvia standing on their own feet


The MOT Foundation has now stepped down from the board and MOT Latvia is moving on as an independent MOT country.

MOT Latvia was founded in February 2016 and they have made a very good example of how to implement the MOT concept in a new country. In this short time MOT Latvia has made partnership with 29 schools and 4.500 youth are in the MOT Programme..

The last board meeting with the board member from The MOT Foundation took place on 9th October at MOT camp. For a long time the Latvian board had a dream about visiting MOT camp. Therefore, the last board meeting before their ‘independency’ took place there.

Enjoying the view and fresh air: Chairperson Katrine, board member Ilona and Country Manager Ilze.


The MOT Foundation wish MOT Latvia good luck on their further journey from here.


Sigrun Vårvik

‘ex’ board member