30 new young MOTivators !


MOT SA hosted high school learners at the Young MOTivators’ education this month and it was amazing!

Thank you to learners from Pebbles Project, Buren High, Simon’s Town High and COSAT for sharing of yourselves and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Each one of you taught us something that we will cherish forever! We thank all of you for your sincerity and for opening up. It proves that what we do is worth it!

Thank you to the MOT coaches that attended and for the role you play in strengthening the youth’s robustness, awareness and courage. It is really appreciated!

Click here to watch the video by our Young MOTivator, Lauren Rademeyer from Simon’s Town High School on the positive change she’s experienced at the Young MOTivators’ education and how it allowed her to be herself.

Julia Duminy
Country Manager, MOT SA