A historical day


It began with the calendar. Or, the idea about making the calendar. An idea that came as a result of a burning desire to do something to help other people. – From the book ‘The Will’

It is today exactly 25 years since eight Norwegian top athletes were gathered at the Top Athletes Centre in Oslo, Norway, who all said yes to take part in the calendar project ‘Norwegian Top Athletes against Drugs 1995’. The objective was showing the youth that there are someone who cares about them and needs them, as well as strengthening self-confidence, self-esteem and good attitudes in society.

24th May is a special day in MOT’s history. Everyone who were gathered at the Top Athletes Centre wanted to contribute to a better society and the fight against drug abuse. The fact that these famous top athletes were so strongly involved in the calendar project has been of great importance for what we today know as ‘MOT’.

Walt Disney once said; I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse. In MOT we must never forget that it was all started by top athletes. It laid the foundation for the brand MOT, youth’s associations to MOT and last but not least, the position MOT got in society from day one.