Uno-X establishes a Norwegian professional cycling team


MOT Norway’s ambassador team Uno-X Norwegian Development Team applies for license as an UCI Professional Continental Team from the 2020 season.

This means that Uno-X Norwegian Development Team will be the only professional Norwegian cyclist team and will compete in several races all over the world – with the MOT logo very visible on their backs.

Uno-X Norwegian Development Team has been a MOT ambassador team for MOT Norway since 2017. On their website they state the following: “The team shall develop strong and robust cyclists and is a MOT ambassador team that builds it’s culture based on MOT’s philosophy.”

MOT Norway is very proud of the ownership Uno-X NDT has to MOT and the way they have chosen to promote MOT’s message and MOT’s logo. We look forward to joining them on this exciting journey!

Regine Oen Hatten
Communication Manager, MOT Norway