News from MOT Denmark


A new girl in the class

After 72 evaluation meetings on our MOT-schools, we are proud to hear how MOT is a fundamental value in every school when it comes to building a culture around courage to live, courage to care and courage to say no. The stories we hear are so touching and now more than ever in MOT Denmark’s 5 years “life” we feel like one big, robust and valuable team!

We want to share one feedback from a MOT-coach in Copenhagen:

“I had a new girl in my 7th grade last year. The teacher told me before my session Focus, that I shouldn’t put her on the spot because she was very insecure and wanted to be in the background. I smiled and told the teacher, that I never put anyone on the spot and that I was sure that everything would be just fine. I spotted the new girl immediately and as the session went on, I noticed that she went from looking into the ground to looking at everything that was going on and listening to everything that was said. Especially the exercise with the backpack and jetfuel caught her attention. Then came the Jetfuel-round where they say something positive to the person next to you. The boy sitting next to the new girl said to her: “I am very happy to sit next to you because then I can tell you that I think it is very courageous to change school and start in a new class.” Then he said he was looking forward to getting to know her!

I still get chills when I think about it! She couldn’t stop smiling and a transformation happened right there! The rest of the session, she raised her hand and participated in everything. We had 2 boys singing a song in the end of the session – to show courage to live. And she stood up with the rest of the class holding hands and cheering them on! It made me realize 2 things: 1) Too often we adults hold our young people back because we THINK, they can’t handle it! 2) It only takes one simple courageous act from one person to plant a feeling of belonging in someone else!”

Status now in MOT Denmark is that we have our 20 new schools ready for the MOT Basic Education. We have had to expand so that we have 3 MOT Basic Educations during August and beginning of September.

MOT Project Group spreading MOT

Stina and Li from the MOT Project Group made a MOT presentation in English a couple of weeks ago for the International Schools in Denmark. Not surprisingly has it spawned an interest in starting up MOT in several of these schools, so we might plan an English-speaking MOT Basic Education in August also, which we are very excited about.

Could MOT Denmark maybe reach 100 schools in the beginning of the next school year?? It is not our goal but with the right strategy and a strong communication, you can’t hold back.

Mark Vogel
Country Manager, MOT Denmark