News from MOT Latvia


First Latvian ‘MOT graduates’ in history

In April / May all MOT schools in Latvia are nearing to the end of the school year, having the last MOT sessions. But for ~450 students this year has been the last one with MOT, at least in terms of MOT sessions. However, we are collecting promises to join the MOT Forever club! Aware that we’ll not meet our first Young MOTivators that often anymore, me and Lasma decided to make a nice event on 3rd of April afternoon and invite all the young people to join and talk about how we can still keep close, what kind of things we and they can do in order to feel a part of MOT in the future. It wass been a very nice meeting with a good brainstorm.

MOT Latvia + Narvesen = true!

On 26th of April me and Young MOTivators took part of the annual and biggest meeting of Narvesen, which became quite emotional as there is a big change – our chairwoman, Katrine Judovica, left her postition as CEO of Narvesen. Anyway, Katrine was presented as the new contributor of MOT Go Global and was receiving huge applause. That was impressive! MOT had 15 minutes on the stage and the slogan of this year event was “Make the difference!” What a perfect match to talk about the MOT bridge! In the breaks MOT had it’s own exhibition stand where our Young MOTivators presented MOT tools to the audience. I was very proud of them!

Speaking about the daily life – intensive, challenging, having both meetings at the end of the school year and with new MOT schools and potentional MOT coaches.

Best regards to everyone from MOT Latvia!

Ilze Paidere-Stake
Country Manager, MOT Latvia