26th and 27th September MOT Norway facilitated the Enthusiast gathering for all the MOT associates and contributors from all over the country.

The theme for this year’s gathering was one of MOT’s principles: ‘See the whole person’. The main objective was to inspire the MOT associates and contributors as much as possible. It was a various programme with famous speakers, different workshops, good music and youth telling their stories. All in all it was a great gathering. Some said it was the best ever!

At the Enthusiast gathering, Mariann Janson was introduced as the new Country Manager for MOT Norway. Janson has been a principal at an upper secondary school for several years and has leadership experience from both private and public businesses. She is educated both as a principal and economist.

– It is a great opportunity for me to get this job and I really look forward to being the Country Manager for MOT Norway. I feel really proud – proud to work on the big MOT team, proud to work with youth and proud to live MOT’s values.

With a successful Enthusiast gathering and a new fantastic leader for MOT Norway, we really look forward to the future.

Regine Oen Hatten
Core Activities Manager, MOT Norway