The best possible start-up


MOT Denmarks focus in February has been on following up on schools that are interested in having MOT as their preferred Life Mastery culture building program and philosophy. Most of the schools are from our MOT information gatherings in MOT schools all over the country.

We are of course so proud and excited that so many schools prioritise and value the importance of developing robust youth through MOT’s 3 values. That is our biggest motivation!

Our status in MOT Denmark now is that we have signed with 10 new schools and other than that we are in a serious dialogue with 14 schools and furthermore we have 9 more schools in our pipeline, so we keep busy. As I always underline: numbers don’t highlight everything, so what I would like to stress is that we, the whole MOT Denmark Team including a few Young MOTivators in our Project Group, take the time to inform and educate coming schools in order to have the best possible commitment and common understanding from the get go. In practice that means a recruitment cycle including MOT information gathering, telephone conference, meeting with school leaders and MOT presentation for teachers on same day preferably, Next Step expectation alignment and recruiting the right people leading to a “ticket” for the MOT education.

We are looking forward to continuing the process and our first 2 MOT educations in April and May – first time we plan 2 MOT educations before the schools summer holiday and new school year in August.

Stina Grøn Vogel, Core Activity Director MOT Denmark