A company’s culture


All the time, we can develop in a direction of the extraordinary, both as a person and as leaders. Collaboration and fellowship have been the basis for MOT’s development. To be intensively searching for people’s talents, interests and gifts, has been one of my biggest passions. If you find your fellow-beings’ and associates’ signature strengths and make them grow, you will find yourself surrounded by great people.

It starts by building a MOTy culture, which is about people – the right recruitment and MOTy social behaviour. Please build greatness through personal humility, professional will and loyalty to MOT’s Comprehensive System (Concept and Brand Profile). MOT’s Comprehensive System is MOT’s success formula to strengthen a common direction, glow and pride, locally and globally.

I hope the MOT culture will stay strong forever. The MOT culture is about performance and mastery with people who love MOT’s vision and mission, and MOT associates with a common understanding and way of being. If the thousands of MOT associates from across the world gather one day in the future, I dream that it will be people with strong integrity and attitudes, and with a belief in the individual.

Motivating to a winning culture is about enabling others to perform at their best. Odd Reitan, Founder, CEO and Chairman of Reitangruppen

A company’s culture is the foundation for future innovation. An entrepreneur’s job is to build the foundation. Brian Chesky, Co-founder and CEO of Airbnb

MOT’s culture is the foundation for succeeding with what we are here for; to strengthen youth’s robustness, awareness and courage – courage to live, courage to care and courage to say no.