Our children are our greatest treasure

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In September we introduced Yasmin Forbes as the new Chair of MOT South Africa https://mot.global/2020/09/welcome-yasmin/. Read Yasmin’s presentation of herself and why she is passionate about being part of the MOT team:

Nelson Mandela said, “ our children are our greatest treasure. They are our future. Those who abuse them tear at the fabric of society and weaken our nation” It reminds us of the immense pressure bestowed on us as leaders in our society. When approached to join the MOT SA board it was clear and apparent that our synergies were aligned with respect to empowering our youth.

Concluding an executive coaching session, the response of “I’m free” raised my curiosity about triggering this feeling earlier in one’s life. The life-skills programme offered by MOT SA by strengthening the robustness of our youth, mastery of life, mental health, awareness, and courage addresses this.

As we find ourselves challenged during the COVID19 pandemic, the ongoing pandemic of Gender-Based Violence, the prominence of the MOT concept is vital in creating a safer society. We need to equip our youth with social skills that are needed in the workplace and instill a culture of a shared value system of taking responsibility, discipline, and respect, and to provide children with tools to support themselves in choosing to live with purpose and dare to dream!

I firmly believe in growing and nurturing the potential of children, instilling courage, and living with purpose. Live life with purpose and dare to dream should be every child’s mantra.

I look forward to being part of the MOT team creating safer societies for all!

Yasmin Forbes, Chair MOT SA