Behaviour change for youth in Thailand

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Schools are still opened under the Center for COVID 19 Situation Administration of Thailand.  We continue to successfully helping the MOT coaches at schools and recommending them how to use the MOT program to promote life skills for youth.

February was the excited month for MOT Thailand. The youth who are taking part of MOT programme are more enthusiastic, happy and they obviously are having behavior change for the better by observing the answers in front of the class. The youth have more courage to present to the class than ever before and joined as volunteers in various activities.

On Saturday 20th of February, MOT Thailand had a good chance to join with MOT coaches at Buengkan province to support them doing MOT activities in session 2 for the 60 youth of Buengkan Provincial Office of the Non-formal and Informal Education. All of them enjoyed and happy followed all the activities of this session. The MOT Coaches have more practice and practice for inspiration and conducting to maintain the MOT spirit through the development of youth to be courage and virtuous youth according to MOT programme.

MOT Thailand