Successful online sessions

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February marked two major spotlights in MOT Latvia’s life: a growing number of MOT coaches who will host and implement online meetings with youth and successfully pursue marketing activities on social networks.

We are very happy to see the success of the activity we have brought to all MOT coaches – lead online MOT meetings and receive the stylish MOT hat as a present! Now there are dozens of MOT coaches who have accepted this challenge and successfully pursued online with their youth. It can be concluded from the feedback that there are no classical sessions according to manuscripts, but nice conversations, open talk, sharing experience and jetfuel to each other. We’re stocking and compiling also new tricks & tips to make these online meetings even better.

MOT Latvia’s marketing team under Rita’s leadership has implemented an ambitious 2-day video filming.  In order to create really high quality content for our social networks, we have attracted a number of new MOT ambassadors – athletes, singers, TV moderators, etc. The nearly hours of long interviews with each of them will allow us to assemble the material for almost the whole year of 2021. The main topics that ambassadors talked about were their school experience, mobbing and how they managed it, where to find inspiration, courage to live, care and say no.

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