Breakthrough for MOT Norway in Alta


Alta is a municipality in the Northern part of Norway

There have not been any MOT schools this far north before. The past month the tide has turned, and five new schools from Alta and 750 youth from this area will take a part in MOTs programme: Robust Youth.

– We really look forward to be a part of MOT, says the Manager of Education in Alta Municipality, Rikke Raknes. Through MOT we have a common tool for our schools. For us, it is important that all the students receive the same – no matter what school they attend or which part of the municipality they live in. The way MOT work holistically with youth, teachers, parents and the society is an important reason for choosing MOT, says Raknes.

This is one of the Municipalities that is supported through MOT Norway’s agreement with the local bank in the North called ‘Sparebank 1 Nord-Norge’. The support from the bank goes directly to schools that wants to take part in MOTs programme. This is a wonderful model where business partners make MOT more available for the schools, and MOT can reach even more youth – now also in Alta!

We look forward to work closer with Alta!

MOT Norway