Creating opportunities in MOT Denmark


Denmark is still in lockdown but it looks brighter in March so we use the MOT Flashlight and reinforce our positive focus.

We decided not to wait for opportunities but instead create them ourselves and launched a date for an online MOT information meeting. We have promoted it on LinkdIn primarily and the registrations are ticking in. We have registrations from politicians, councilors, school principals, teachers and we are looking forward to present MOT in a MOT way! MOT Denmark will present MOT together with our first MOT brand ambassador Peter Gade, 2 MOT youth, Sarah and Hugo and a MOT-leader, school principal Dorte Busk.

We are also preparing our online Enthusiast Gathering in April and the Dream period is still rolling! We have used some of the lockdown time for research on how to improve MOT in our MOT-schools and one comment was unanimous: please improve manuscripts into more manageable and simplified working documents! So we investigated what that meant and are launching new manuscript set-up’s at our Enthusiast Gathering in April.

For instance, we discovered that the MOT coaches only read the page about preparing for a MOT session one time but everyone thought that a reminder would be useful. We solved the challenge this way:

(English: Smiling and listening, curious and open, be ready when the youth arrive, knows the manuscript well, uses MOT’s terms, plant positive expectations, has control of the time, uses one self)

Each manuscript has a one pager with a picture of one of our MOT-coaches with simple but useful comments around them. This is MOT-coach Søren and a funny story is that he used this photo in a campaign to become a member in the school council in Aarhus. He got in! And of course, we all know why 😉.

MOT Denmark