MOT Latvia created an exciting end to the school year

Latvia J

May for MOT Latvia has been a month to summer up the whole school year and thanks to all our MOT enthusiasts who, despite the pandemic, did everything to maintain contact with youth.

May 31 is the last school day in our country, followed by a 3-month long summer holiday and a return to school on September 1. Our MOT coaches did their best by leading online sessions, creating challenges, organising competitions and other activities in order to remind young people of  MOT values.

As an organisation, we are pleased not only with the success of MOT enthusiasts in this remote school year, but also with the progress made in April in the month of the grande MOT brand campaign. As a result, there is an ongoing active interest from potential MOT schools, negotiations, online meetings and arrangements.

The next 2 months – June and July – will be the preparatory period for 2 MOT basic educations in August, as well as for the annual MOT enthusiast gathering of who we would very much like to be held in presence.

Nevertheless we enjoy the warm weather, the scent of flowers and the beginning of school holidays.