Times of transition


They say that life is one big transition.

However, sometimes we notice the transition more than at other times. It brings about challenges and is not always easy, but the change that follows comes with great potential if you have the courage to seize the opportunities that comes your way.

We are currently in a phase of transition and change, as we bid Lisa our greatest goodbyes. The MOT Foundation Executive Team grants her our best wishes and thanks. Lisa’s knowledge and kindness inspired both us and the MOT countries. Lisa is irreplaceable, and her tasks will be divided between the rest of the members in the team.

MOT South Africa is also going through a phase of transition. Julia has through the past years acted as a great leader in MOT SA, but also been an important player in the MOT global team. We also want to welcome Viola to the team, as MOT SA’s new CEO. Her big dreams and go-ahead spirit inspires us already, and we are excited to get to know her better!

We know both Julia and Lisa will always be a part of the MOT family in the future, wherever they venture.

Finally, we want to wish you all a great summer. July will be a quiet month in the European MOT countries, as time is spent recharging before we are back and ready to give it all in August. Remember to do something that brings joy to yourself and the people around you!

Kind regards,

The MOT Foundation Executive Team – Katrine, Ellen, and Sigrun