MOT Latvia’s Christmas present to their MOT coaches


In December MOT Latvia has had two highlights apart from MOT sessions in classrooms: a very special Christmas event for all MOT enthusiasts and the participation in the award ceremony of the new business partner “Ventspils nafta terminal”.

Last spring, we conducted a survey of MOT enthusiasts on whether and what additional educational measures they would like to have. In first place was an interest in public speaking, the ability to hold the audience’s attention, learn tricks and tips on how to make one’s performance more attractive (taking into account that 70% of all Latvian MOT coaches are not teachers, but volunteers from other professions).

And so we decided that we would give as a Christmas present such a lecture, which was conducted by a professional Performance School. There was a “free microphone” after the lesson, where each could say a bequest or simply share their experience. It turned out to be particularly emotional and afterward we received a number of fantastic pieces of feedback.

Concerning the second-best event by the middle of December, I got an invitation to participate in the award of the best employees of our new business partner “Ventspils nafta terminal”.

The idea was to introduce all employees to MOT and to make the ceremony more entertaining. It worked out fantastic! Our values were well intertwined with the values of the Ventspils Nafta terminal company, which we demonstrated through MOT tools – 6: 1, mirror, If you can dream it, you can do it and the flashlight. Everyone was asked to participate and they did it! It was great fun and a perfect example of how to collaborate with a business partner in terms of common values.

So, as the end of the year was so good, we expect also the new one to be good. Wishing you all a happy new year,

On behalf of MOT Latvia,