Youth Story of the month: MOT Thailand


This month MOT Thailand would like to introduce you to one of our young MOTivators:  Mintada Kaew Kot, who is a student of Tha Bo School. He is a shy boy, does not say too much in class and doesn’t like to be in front of an audience.

Through the MOT programme he became a brave boy and can do many things that he didn’t do before.  This is his story.

Hello, I’m Mintada Kaew Kot, and have had MOT at my school. When somebody asked me if MOT was a good activity, I replied that it was a great activity.  It trains the students to practice what they have been to scared to do before.

It is the practice of solving problems we encounter in society, practicing how to live happily in society, and building self-confidence.

When I studied at Non Sangga Nong Wang Wittaya School, I was a person who did not dare to express myself in terms of using the mic in activities or speaking on the mic in the auditorium. But after I had practiced, and been a part of MOT, I dared to express myself more.

When I went to study at Tha Bo School, which is a bigger school than Non Sangga Nongwang Wittaya School, I crossed over my comfort zone. Now I am the speaker in various projects that I have organized with my friends.

Thank you.