Courage to care is stronger than ever in MOT Latvia


In MOT Latvia, March has brought a lot of ambiguity. Despite the everyday desperation and pain that is reflected within our society because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, each and every one of us keeps on doing the best we can in the current circumstances. For us, it means elevating our campaign goal of inclusion to a new level and keeping it clearer as ever. We see Ukranian families starting their new lives among us, Ukrainian youth joining our schools and it is our place to remind us of the power and courage within each of us.

For this reason, we are heading towards April as the month of our inclusion campaign with great force. It is our chance to unite and inspire youth to not only evolve their courage to live but also the courage to care for the people joining our society and the courage to say no to devastating aggression. We are more determined than ever.

In March our team has expanded to welcome our new Country manager Marta. In close cooperation with Ilze as Core activities manager and Rita as Communication manager, we hope to reach ever-new horizons.

Meanwhile, we kindly ask and encourage everyone to spread awareness over happenings in Ukraine and please consider options in helping the Ukrainian people. There is so much that can be done, ranging from donations to educating our youth, and we believe that everyone has a chance to participate.