New MOT coaches have been welcomed to the MOT SA family


This month, MOT South Africa held its 1st MOT Coaches’ Basic Education for the year and welcomed 25 new MOT Coaches to the MOT Family!

We were joined by our two Young MOTivators who are now MOT Coaches, Marlyn-Lee Van Diemen and Aurelio Jao’o who shared their MOT journeys and how the MOT Programmes inspired them to stay involved and gave them platforms to empower others to become the best versions of themselves. This played a huge role in inspiring and encouraging our newly trained MOT Coaches.

Genevieve, our newly trained MOT Coach shared that she likes that MOT looks at the individual and provides us with tools that MOT Coaches can use to empower and equip young people to help them deal with real-life situations.

Being trained to become a MOT Coach requires you to be Passionate, Youthful, Innovative, and Sincere (P-YIS), that you have the motivation to develop robust youth who include, and this is exactly what our MOT Coaches have!

Read below about our newly trained MOT Coach, Tatenda Pakai sharing about her MOT journey so far.

Hi there, I am Tatenda Pakai and I am a social worker at an Organisation called Pebbles Project.

I was first introduced to MOT by my colleagues who are trained MOT Coaches. They felt that I would enjoy being a part of the MOT Programmes and that I would love implementing it, especially since I am exposed to working with the youth daily. They had many positive things and experiences to share about their journeys with MOT, and this really inspired and got me pumped up to attend the MOT Coaches’ Basic Education.

I have to say, they were right!

The application forms which I completed in order to become a MOT Coach had me thinking and reflecting quite a lot on my personal character and what tools I could use to empower the youth.

Attending the MOT Coaches’ Basic Education was a huge eye-opener and am happy with the open group discussions and lessons learned during this retreat. Andiswa’s energy was next-level amazing and it surely rubbed off!

I am excited to begin with the implementation of the MOT programme at my institution, which will focus on mainly being present and active in the lives of our youth. Teaching them, equipping them with the proper tools in order to make conscious choices, and strengthening their courage through MOT’s core values – Courage to care, Courage to live and Courage to say no.

I am even more excited to put to use the newly given skills and tools, including my facilitation skills which have been upped a notch due to the exercises that were practically carried out.

Thank you so much, MOT!

We are excited about the positive difference our MOT Coaches will make and bring into their lives our young people as well as in their own lives.