There is a need for Robust Youth 16-25 in MOT Denmark’s upper secondary schools


The MOT programme for upper secondary school is now ready to go in Denmark. We have wrapped up a pilot project with three schools and our findings have been that:

  • The need for MOT in this age group is at least as pressing as in secondary school
  • The method MOT uses fits well into a universe mainly dominated by an academic focus. The youth are happy to get a chance to get moving and be active.
  • The culture in upper secondary is that it is important to raise awareness concerning supporting and inclusive school environments, but they are not used to prioritise specialised actions and set time for it.

We also want to share some of the feedback we got from the youth:

“It is amazing to get to know each other for more than just a grade on a piece of paper”

“MOT creates a free space where we can be entirely ourselves and not just a student who is at school to perform academically.

“I am in my last year and thought I knew my classmates. I did not. I am a bit sad we didn’t have MOT from the very start, because I think that would have allowed us to show up for each other in a completely different way.”