Why courage to care is important in today’s society

Take care heart sign. Hands hugging a heart sign. Red heart

Why do some people destroy their lives?

Why do some people destroy other people’s lives?

Why do some people destroy society?

The MOT concept was developed through asking these questions. Now, more and more of the world is starting to ask the same questions. The need for making an effort to create a safer and warmer society has never felt more important than today.

The situation in Ukraine is about all of us. It is about humanity and the universal values we are standing for.

Having the courage to care has never been more important. To care about those who are in need of a helping hand, to listen to other’s stories and thoughts, to stand up for each other.

By creating robust youth who include all, we believe that we can create future leaders who are able to make wise choices and peaceful decisions – to build a warmer and safer society.