Inspiring days for the Global MOT team


September was a month filled with inspiration and joy. We truly felt like we were one MOT, despite borders and languages separating us.

We had the pleasure to visit Trondheim for MOT Norway’s enthusiast gathering. We stayed at MOT camp the days before the gathering, and had the opportunity to see so many MOT team members again in person for the first time since pre-Covid. It was incredible to come together in sharing and caring through discussion topics like brand strategy, quality validation research and MOT coach recruitment.

The MOT Camp team also challenged us with some outdoor activities which challenged both our team work and competitiveness. It was great fun and filled with lots of laughs!

MOT Norway’s enthusiast gathering was also incredible. We felt so much belonging and it truly filled our jet fuel tank right up to the top.

After these valuable days we have so many new and exciting ideas about the time to come, and the way forward. We are excited to come together and work even closer as one global MOT Family. Thank you to the MOT Norway team for their hospitality, and to all the international MOT friends who prioritised these days. We are truly so grateful and cannot wait for what is yet to come.