Atle's blog

Atle Vårvik is MOT’s founder and creator. He has been passionate about people and life since he was a young boy. Atle is a former Olympian speed skater. He is married to Sigrun and together they have two sons, Kristian and Johann. In this blog he is sharing his reflections and experiences.


This week MOT Norway’s management had a gathering at MOT-camp. I took part in some of their sessions and one of the sessions were used to test out new elements for the reinforcement days in the MOT Programme Robust Youth 16-25. I must also mention that The Center MOT Camp and Graakallen was truly a […]

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Great experiences, week 48 

This week I received an email from a teacher student. She is finished with the bachelor degree, and she sent me her bachelor’s thesis where she had chosen MOT as subject. Good reading. Here is a very small part of it: Thriving and bullying at MOT schools and schools in general on a national scale […]

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Top 5 for a great beginning, week 45

I guess this week is a big crossroad for the future opportunities for Kristian and Johann (Vårvik). Both are now in the Netherlands and today they are launching the song and music video “SCHAATSEN in THIALF” during the World Cup which starts today. Already the project has got a lot of attention, and we as […]

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Brand building choices, week 44

Exactly 20 years ago the first MOT coaches were finished with the first month doing MOT sessions. The youth became inspired and wanted more MOT sessions. From the beginning youth associated themselves with MOT and found it cool and relevant. Today we simply say that what makes MOT unique is that “Youth use MOT in […]

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